Place the desired amount of our CBD oil under your tongue and wait about 30
seconds. This will allow for optimal absorption into your blood stream. Once 30 seconds
has passed enjoy and swallow!

No it cant! Our CBD oil will always contain less than 0.3% THC, it won’t get you
high or make you feel stoned, its 100% federally legal.

There has not yet been any adverse side effected reported from the use of our
CBD oil, however, some studies suggest that some may experience tiredness to
changes in appetite.

It is highly unlikely that when using any of our products you will fail a drug test.
However, our CBD oil is full spectrum which does contain trace amount of THC. It is best
to speak to your employer before use if you are concerned.

When taking CBD, it is more of what you don’t feel than what you do. The goal
is to help combat your stress hormones and the damage they cause on your body. CBD
is a non-psychoactive compound that provides a relaxing and calming feelings, without
producing any mind altering effects.

Our Hemp crops are grown in beautiful South Carolina, from many local
organic famers. Before partnering with a farmer, we ensure all their crops are USDA